Feels Like 0

by DJ.Skagnetti

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Some dancey stuff, some punky stuff, some really tripped out strange stuff, and some stuff that is just plain weird, "Feels Like 0" is quite the wild little ride. Sounds like: punk rock and electronica mixed, Aphex Twin meets the Ramones, with a little Daft Punk thrown in, this CD is sure to surprise many and please even more!


released March 1, 2008



all rights reserved


DJ.Skagnetti Minneapolis, Minnesota

I make the electronicA.

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Track Name: Chasing The Ghost
I'm on the town, the little city, and I can't put out the fire
I'm all juiced up, I'm cut! I know I'm dreamy but I'm nothing but a liar
Shift it down, around, ya glad to see me? I'm proud to drop the sound, cause it's so easy,
and I can't go back, I'm jacked, I'll take no flak, and I'm cutting it to the wire, wire!
hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo - I'm the man with the gun
hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo-haa, hoo - I'm the man with the Gun
And I'm tons of fun, gonna break it and run, I'm the sugary one, a little chocolate delight
And I found another secret and I won't tell you, I gotta bottle this shit, I gotta battle my youth!
I'm a star to be seen, apocalyptic machine, I'll be sweeping on in and I'm taking you out
And what you do to me, that little body, I hate to state your fate, gonna Eradicate!
Hey, kid, do you wanna get down?
Hey, kid, we'll go all over the town!
Hey, kid, do you wanna get down, and around, and around, with the sound on the town?
I'm on my knees, begging for ya please, make me feel at ease, oh jeez! I need a doctor
Stop the pain, girl, Oooo! Can you be any crueler, did I act like a fool? Why you striking me down?
I'm like a blade trap, take that, wrack it in ruins
Then you rise up, claws up, you take me apart
I'm like a leaf on the breeze, I'll be on top of the world
Just have to say to me that
You're my little girl
Baby, Baby, come on!
You're my little girl
Oo Ding Dang Dong Dong Diggy
yah I'm laying this on the block, this little ditty
Gonna travel this across the land, and I hope that I come back a little bit Wiser, Wiser!
Martyr Rock, we'll back it to the wall, design another fall, stand tall, a little reticent
I'm a doctor of sorts, and I'm checking you out, and the bottom line is: come get your Medicine
Oo, run run, let's have a little fun, it's time to get it on, and on, let's go another round!
And pound for pound, they'll be dropping like flies, there's no need to disguise, that:
I came to get downnnn
Yah I came to get Dowwwnnnnnn
Yah I came to get Dowwwwwwwwnnnnnnn-ah